March 6, 2019

Tesla's Model Y - Elon Musk announces -" going to be unvieled on March 14.

Tesla's Model Y - Elon Musk announces -" going to be unvieled on March 14.

American electric car maker company Tesla's CEO , Elon Musk is going to unveil its  first Cross over electric SUV 'Model Y'. Allen will present his electric crossover at Los Angeles Design Studio on March 14, where the car's specification and price will be announced. Elon gave this information on Sunday to his fans via his twitter account. This will be the Fifth electric car  and Second SUV of the company, which started manufacturing electric vehicles in 2003.

In  tweet handle Mr. Elon Musk told ...
Through the tweet, Elon Musk said that the 'Model Y' SUV will be about 10 percent larger than Tesla's most popular electric car 'Model 3', which would be slightly higher than its 'Model 3'.
While answering the questions asked by Followers on Twitter, he said that in this new vehicle of Tesla, the 'Falcon Wing' would be Normal Doors rather than Door.
Musk recently announced to sell the base variant of its electric sedan Car Model 3 for $ 35,000 i.e. around 25 lakh rupees. After which Elon is going to present his new SUV.

The specialty of Tesla Model 3 ...

Fuel:                 Electric
Transmession: Automatic
Range :            220 miles (355 km)
Top speed:      130 mph
Acceleration:   0-60 mph in 5.6 seconds
Price   : $35,000   OR Rs.25 Lakhs

Tesla Model Y carries  75% its features will be from 'Model 3', which is currently the company's most affordable car. However the range of 'Model Y' will be slightly lower than 'Model 3'.

Elon informed through tweets that the test drive of the car can also be taken at the event, so it can be estimated that the company has prepared its pre-production prototype model.