May 12, 2020

Honorable PM address to the Nation on 12.05.2020 Highlights.


On 12th May 2020 PM Sri Narendra Modi addressed the nation to give some viewpoints on COVID-19 's implications in India and how to go ahead in life with COVID-19.

Nation has been fighting corona for the last 4 months
During this time many countries 82 lacs have been infected
2.45 Lakhs people have died across the world till now
In India too many families have lost their loved ones
I feel sad for them and express condolence to their families
Friends, one virus has destroyed the world
Many lives are fighting for their lives and the world is fighting this at war footing
Surely for all this is unimaginable
But for us to be tired is not acceptable
We have to save ourselves and move ahead too
When the world is in danger our determination has to be stronger
Friends - from last centuries we have been hearing that 21st is India’s
We have seen this pandemic closely
When we see from India perspective then we feel it is our 21st century and it is our responsibility too
But what should We do
It teaches only that “ Aatmanirbhar Bharat relief package "
Today we are standing at a very important juncture
Gives us a message and indication and an opportunity that - let me explain with an example
When corona started we had no PPE manufacturers in India
Today we produce 2 lakhs PPE kits and 2 lakhs N 95 masks
We could do this because we turned a crisis into an opportunity
Friends - today across the world this definition is hanging across of what India follows
Self-reliance has changed across the world


Indian traditions are an example of self-reliance
Indian culture stressed on the world as a family
India never believed in being self-centred
India believes this earth as its own mother and this country will get a happy nation and be one
India’s way of working and its culture impacts the world to a prosperous world
International solar alliance
International yoga divas is a gift from India
From these steps, India has always been appreciated across the world
So naturally we as citizens feel proud
Questions is how did we do that
Answer lies in 130 crores determination and being self-reliant.
Today India is progressing towards growth and even then it is determined for better of world
There was 'Y2K' problem at the beginning of this century, India helped the world to overcome Y2K
We have the best talent
We will make the best products and improve our more quality and improve our supply chain
We have seen some earthquakes but even then we couldn’t think that situations could change but then some started improving and back on it feet
And this is called self-reliant
So if we pledge then nothing is impossible
This is power
Not target behind resolve
5 pillar on which India stands for being self-reliant 
Our system - 21st tech-driven
Demography - our vibrant one
Demand: chakra or demand and supply to be used in the proper and right fashion

I today announce one unique economic package for self Reliant India
20 lakh crore Rupees worth package - which is 10 % of India’s GDP
Relief and support with this package
2020 for India’s growth this package will boost our India growth
Land labour liquidity or laws all have been stressed upon in this package
'Kutir Udyog' : MSME: 'lagu Udyog' etc which are the strength of our economy
Package for those who work day in out and for those people who give taxes in time - middle class
From tomorrow - for days to come - we will know details of this package by the finance ministry
India is committed upwards bold economic reforms
This has become possible due to reforms in last 6 yrs
We have to rise to a new level
Rational tax system
Simple laws reforms
Simple Human resources
Strong financial systems
And boost Make in India
Reforms will shield our farmers and strengthen industries
Reforms will attract investments and strengthen the economy
All sectors will become efficient
This crisis has shaken our core sectors
The crisis has brought out the inner strength
Poor have gone through a lot and time is now to strengthen them
Announcements will be made
Labourers: migrants; fishermen will benefit
We need to support local support and local supply chain as they helped us during the crisis
Going local should be our life motto
Hence we as Indians must use our local products and become vocal of our products and publicise them too with pride.
Indians made khadi into a major brand
All scientist do declare that corona will be there for long
But we cannot have our lives just being revolving around it


Lockdown 4.0
Will be new and with new rules
From states what we are getting - Info from states we will announce before 18th May
“Whatever is on our control - that is happiness “
Self Reliant teaches us to be cautious
21st century is ours and we need to make it our responsibility
India will move ahead with new conviction and we will make India a self-reliant country
I bless you all and wish you all good health
Stay safe