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OnePlus TV : Coming Soon With Latest Features- Know More About It

OnePlus TV: Coming Soon With Latest Features

OnePlus TV : Coming Soon With Latest Features- Know More About It

OnePlus, the leading player in the premium smartphone segment  in India is planning for a smart TV. OnePlus TV will soon entering into the television market. Chinese company OnePlus could soon launch its Smart TV in the Indian market. OnePlus had informed about an event last year that the company is working on Smart TV. The company has not mentioned any information about  OnePlus Smart TV  features at the moment. The information about how much will be the price of the OnePlus Smart TV in India will be revealed only at the launch time, but the company has indicated that it will have premium features.

In the television category, OnePlus is planning to do something that no company has ever done. Users are also eagerly waiting for this OnePlus TV. Recently, OnePlus company CEO Mr. Pete Lau had said that OnePlus TV will be launched during mid-2019. However, he has not indicated any date for the launch.

Television Industry in India

OnePlus thinks television is a growing industry. Here customers always looking for a new product which completely satisfies their need. So as the Smart TV makers bringing new products.  In the same way, OnePlus bringing a better product OnePlus Smart TV. Adopting a Smartphone sales strategy, the company will also partner with Amazon for television. In the initial phase, the company's TVs will be sold only on Amazon India. Amazon India's Country Manager and Senior Vice President have said that television is an increasing industry for us. In this way, we want to provide better services to users. This is why we are also offering install on delivery service on TV. Whenever OnePlus TV launches, we will provide the same service as well.

OnePlus TV's Unique features:

Well, we have not got much information about this TV. According to media reports, OnePlus TV  may enter into the market with a 4K resolution display. But it is said that it will be more than smart TVs. This TV must undergo stringent quality control standards of OnePlus. This TV will be made better on the basis of hardware and software. This TV will serve as a smart hub for homes. According to the news, the main feature of this TV will be a voice assistant. However, this product is expected to be launched not in cheap price but at a higher price.
It is also being reported in the media that OnePlus TV  can also get Artificial Intelligence(AI) assistant feature which will work as Amazon and Google Assistant. According to the reports, there will be a total connected experience on the TV which is in the premium flagship TV. It will compete with Xiaomi's Smart TV, which is known for providing affordable Android equipped with the Android operating system in India and China.

OnePlus TV Remote Control Certified by Bluetooth SIG

OnePlus TV : Coming Soon With Latest Features- Know More About It

The OnePlus company confirmed that OnePlus TV remote control has been certified by Bluetooth SIG. However, the company did not disclose the remote control image but revealed that the remote operates on Bluetooth 4.2. According to GizmoChina, “The Bluetooth enabled OnePlus TV remote control will feature a dedicated button for accessing AI assistant”, It indicates that the remote might also come with the feature of voice control enabled.  
As announced earlier OnePlus TV is expected to get software updates for the next five years so that it will remain future proof.

The news is that OnePlus TV will be sold exclusively from Amazon India in India. To be noted that 4 years of partnership between OnePlus and Amazon in India has been completed. Amit Agarwal, Senior Vice President, from Amazon India, has confirmed that they will offer  OnePlus TV  on  Amazon. In addition to Amazon, there will also be one-of-a-kind TV sales from the offline store like Reliance Digital and Croma.

One plus would definitely want to release its product with top-notch features and would want to outsmart the current Smart TV’s in the market. OnePlus TV definitely not compromise on the features to give better product and in turn, lead to the increase in the price. Let us wait for its launch.

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Indian Union Budget 2019 - Highlights and New Expectations of Modi 2.0

Key takeaways from FM Nirmala Sitharaman's maiden Budget speech

Indian Union Budget 2019 - Highlights and New Expectations of Modi 2.0

Part 1

India is the largest economic country after China and America in the world.

The Indian economy will grow to become a $3 trillion economy in the current year itself.

Pension benefits to 3 cr retail traders and shopkeepers whose annual turnover is up to Rs. 1.5 Cr.

The government aims to provide tapped water to every household by 2024 – to boost plastic piping demand.

Every rural household to be electrified by the end of 2022

To provide the clean cooking facility, the government is planning to extend its Pradhan Mantri Ujjwala Yojana to all rural families by 2022

Loans of up to INR 1 Cr for GST registered MSMEs on fresh or incremental loans @2% interest.
A model tenancy law will be designed and circulated to states to promote rental housing

The new program proposed "Study In India"  to invite global students in India

India will become Open Defecation Free (ODF) by October 2019.

The government proposes to streamline multiple labor laws into a set of 'four labor codes'

Aadhaar card for NRIs with Indian Passport without waiting for 180 days post arrival

Rs 70,000 crore capital infusion into government-owned banks this year to boost credit improvement.

Women Jan Dhan account holder will be eligible for an overdraft of Rs. 5000

Women borrowers are eligible for an additional INR 1 lakh loan under Mudra scheme.

New Rs 1, 5, 10 & 20 coins to be available for public use soon

 Part 2  of the Budget Speech 


All companies with an annual turnover of Rs 400 crore or less to be taxed under the lower tax of 25%. Covers 99.3% of all companies. Only 0.7% of companies will remain outside of tax bracket
Direct tax revenue has grown 78 percent from 2014 to 2019

Additional income tax deduction of Rs 1.5 lakh on interest paid on loans taken to buy electric vehicles.

Additional deduction of INR 1.5 lakh (total deduction, INR 3.5 lakh) on interest on home loans

PAN and Aadhar are now interchangeable! If you don't have PAN, you can quote Aadhar number for you IT return filing. Sitharaman proposes to make the two documents interchangeable so that Aadhaar can be used for verification with no requirement for PAN. ITR can be filed without PAN and Aadhar can be used for filing ITR.

TDS on cash withdrawal exceeding Rs 1 crore in a year

Enhances the surcharge on individuals having taxable income from ₹2-5 crore and ₹5 crore and above. Effective tax rates will increase by 5 and 7 percentage points respectively.

Custom duty on Gold and other precious metals to be hiked from 10% to 12.5%

Additional Basic excise duty on cigarettes has been proposed.

Additional Excise Duty of INR 1/per liter on petrol and diesel

No change in IT slab

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Jio GigaFiber : Price, Plans and How to register

Jio GigaFiber service will be launched in 1600 cities

Broadband, Landline and TV Combo will be available at Rs. 600.

600 channels will be available in TV service, maximum speed of broadband will be 1 GB per second
Mukesh Ambani's telecom company Reliance Jio will launch its GigaFiber FTTH service in 1,600 cities of the country. Under this, you will get broadband-landline-TV combo only for Rs 600. Under this service, you will get the option to add approximately 40 devices from Smart Home Network. Apart from this, many more amenities will be available.

Jio GigaFiber  Services will be free for one year

According to reliable sources, at present, Reliance Jio is doing its pilot testing of Jio GigaFiber in New Delhi and Mumbai. It offers 100 Gigabytes of data free of speeds of 100 megabytes per second.
Customers will have to pay Rs 4,500 for this offer, which will be refundable. In this price you will get  telephone and television service will be added in the next three months. When these services are launched commercially, all the three services (Broadband, Landline phone & TV channels ) will be free for one year.There will no charge for Installation. Since the GigaTV router will be installed at home for GigaFiber, the company will take the money. The amount of Rs. 4500 will be refunded when a customer opt for disconnection of the service and you return the TV Router.

 Jio  GigaFiber  Will connect to a network 40-45 devices

Unlimited calling facility will be provided in the landline, whereas the television channel will be delivered through the internet. All of these services will be provided through the Optical Network Terminal (ONT) box router. It will connect 40 to 45 smart devices, including a mobile, smart TV, laptop, tablet. Additional services includes will be  gaming, clad circuit television and smart home system.

Jio  GigaFiber Will get 600 channels

Under this triple combo, 600 channels will be available, which will have a 7-day preview option. Unlimited Calling and broadband in the landline will get a speed of 100 mbps. It will cost 600 rupees. However, adding additional smart home services will require an additional payment. This fee can go up to Rs 1,000 per month. With a minimum speed of 100 mbps and a speed of 1 GB, Jio GigaFiber CCTV surveillance footage and other data on the cloud will also have the option to store it so that it can be used in all devices.

There is currently no date fixed when Jio GigaFiber will start meeting the common people. The company has made it clear that initially it will be given service in 1,100 cities. Registration has already been started for quite a while. The place where more registration has been done, the first service will be available.
According to the reports, the company is currently working on RFS for Ready-for-Sale, for Jio  GigaFiber Service. Under this, identifying the official societies of Geo and going to the Management Authorities there. Since Jio GigaFiber is transported to the Society or home, this Underground can also be done. It is usually allowed in fewer societies. Therefore, like Jio Sim, these Jio GigaFiber can not be operated across the country in a day. This will take time and it will be turned in phases.

How can you apply for Jio GigaFiber?

Step 1- Visit Company’s official website OR download MyJio App.
Step 2- Click on the Jio GigaFiber registrations link
Step 3 -  Fill up your details like contact number, address, email id etc.
Step 4- Click the link showing NOW APPLY FOR A NEW Jio GigaFiber connection.
Step 5- There is no fee for registrations.
Next- Jio GigaFiber installation team will bring the Router to your address.


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Futuristic Technologies & Updates To Be Launched in 2019

Futuristic Technologies & Updates To Be Launched in 2019

Technology Trend in 2019 - 5G, Foldable Phone & AI

1 Technology Trend in 2019 - 5G, Foldable Phone & AI
2 Upcoming Technologies 2019:
2.1 5G Technology:
2.2 Foldable Smartphone:
2.3 Reliance Jio DTH & JioPhone 3:
2.4 Foldable  Laptop:
2.5 Futuristic Gadgets 2019:
Hello friends, now this year just a few months are over.  All of you  must be  thinking of doing something different and better in 2019, so that their lifestyle can be improved - in this article one must read to know that, in 2019 which 4G the mobile model will be launched? In this article, I tried to explain a few futuristic are and trending technology will we find this year?
Trending technologies always attract us, whether they are smartphones, laptops, camera or anything else. All of us have a plan to acquire them. Here I am going to tell you about some of the technologies, Devices, which will be coming out in the market in 2019.


The name of 2018 Jio, 4G and powerful smartphones - This year we have seen many new and advanced technologies. In this year 2019, we will get to see better and trending technologies, which will make our lifestyle better and smart. The first number comes in this is -

5G Technology

5G Technology:

Who will compete in the first 5G launches in 2019, competing in all smartphones, telecom and processor companies? More recently, the leaks of LG G8 smartphone have become viral on the Internet, in which the first 5G internet technology can be found, along with the first 3D camera in this phone.
It can not be said about when is the launch of 5G Mobile India, but Reliance Jio can launch 5G SIM in 2019. 5G is very fast & reliable  compared to 4G in which we can get 300Mbps to 1000Mbps speed.

Nokia has also introduced 5G technology in which we can get 19 Gbps speed.

Reliance Jio DTH & JioPhone 3:

In 2018 we kept waiting for the launch date of Jio DTH but it did not get to see us. Meanwhile, TRAI gave updates to all broadcasters and operators as well as new Tariff  Plan. If you do not know then see here - TRAI DTH Channel Price 2019

Reliance Jio DTH can come up with a new plan in the market this year, in which users will get free TV channels for 3 months.

With this, Jio is planning to launch another new phone this year, which will support 4G but not 5G technology and will be named JioPhone 3

Foldable Smartphone:

If you want to buy a large-screen smartphone, this foldable phone coming in 2019 may be the best for you. Samsung, which is the world's largest brand, to create a smartphone - in 2018 it brought the concept of the foldable smartphone to the world for the first time in an event.

Samsung's This Foldable Smartphone could be publicly launched in 2019 with futuristic technology. The best thing about this phone is that we can fold the screen and create a screen when you need it.
Samsung's foldable phone is officially the 'Galaxy Fold'

Foldable Laptop:

In present days if we twist our laptop a bit off, maybe they break or stop working. But by the end of 2019, it will be possible to have such laptops in the market whose screen can be used according to our requirements.
This curve will be totally different from the TV's fixed bend screen - the user can turn the foldable laptop screen according to their own, from any place, in 2018 a technology event was told about it by a private company and a concept were shown to the foldable laptop.

Futuristic Gadgets in 2019:

Not only Smartphone, Internet and Laptops, but we will also find many new futuristic devices which will make Banking, Health-related work very safe and easy.

Digital Card Wallet - It was the first launch of Samsung Launch but it was not popular, so in 2019 we can get a separate card wallet where we can scan and store our physical card.

So far, we can operate gadgets like Google Home, Amazon Alexa, via voice command, but in 2019 we can get to see an Artificial Intelligence gadget which can operate from Gesture and command the device.
Friends, this is the most trending technology that is going to be launched in 2019. Our 4G Phone may also be out-dated next year and we need to buy 5G smartphones to use Jio SIM. Technology is making all our work so much easier and better than we can use many of them to work with Health, Daily routines, in the jokes. If you have information about such a trending technology 2019, then you must share in the comment.

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Now Use your Driving License like an ATM card.

From 1st July 2019, new format licenses will be available in the whole country. The new driving license will also have a QR code with a chip.

Now Use your Driving License like an ATM card.

Now Use your Driving License like an ATM card. 

Your driving license is going to change in this year. From 1st July 2019, the new format of licenses will be available in the whole country. New driving licenses issued from all States and Union Territories will be the uniform in structure new driving license will also have a QR code with a chip. In addition to the print information on the card, the chip will include every driver and vehicle information. The Road Transport and Highways Ministry issued a notice to make it mandatory for all Regional Transport Authorities of States and Union Territories to issue Driving Licenses and Vehicle Registration Smart Cards as per Uniform format.  Even then States have their own decision to include additional features such as “Chip” and Near-Field Communication (NGC) in new cards. Ministry also specifies that these Chips in the smart cards should have the capacity to retain the stored information for at least ten years.   

New driving licenses include microchip like ATM card. In addition to this, the QR Code feature will also be included. The newest feature in it will be the Near Field Feature (NFC). With the help of this feature, the traffic police can get all the information contained in the card from the device kept by its side.

Now Use your Driving License like an ATM card.

Uniform driving license will save all the information printed in the chip. In case of any violation of the transport rules by the driver, there will be information about the crime and invoices involved in it, so that any old cases can be seen, if any rules are broken or even committed. Along with this, information about tax, insurance, and PUC (Pollution Under Control) will also be recorded.

Now Use your Driving License like an ATM card.

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How To Withdraw Your EPF Online in Two Easy Steps

Withdrawal of your EPF Online: How To Withdraw in Two Easy Steps

How To Withdraw Your EPF Online in Five Easy Steps
EPFO main page

If your account is linked to the UAN, which is a Universal Account Number, then you will not be able to claim offline for your Provident Fund. The Employees Provident Fund Organization (EPFO) has refused to accept the offline claims in such case. This means that if your account is linked to UAN, then you have to apply online only for PF. EPFO has decided this in view to reduce the burden of workload in the field offices.
A few days ago, in the circular issued by the EPFO, it said that companies are also depositing claims of such members in a physical form, which is linked to UAN. This increases the burden of unnecessary work in the field office and delay in settlement. In such cases, the offline claim of co Only online claims will be settled
The circular states that if a member files an online and offline claim, then in such case only his online claim settlement will be done. Companies will not accept physical claim forms and companies are advised to use the online claim service platform.

In case your name in the EPF account is incorrect, how to fix?

First of all, you should check that your name and date of birth in the PF fund exactly matches the information recorded on the EPF Database or not.
Every person working in a private company will contribute to the Employee Provident Fund (EPF). Some people do not match the information given in the name or date of birthday date (AADHAR) in the PF statement.  If this happens, you may have to face difficulties while withdrawing fund.

Recently the Central Government has said that more than 8.38 crore PF accounts have wrong birthdays of the members, In some cases father‘s name has not mentioned in 11.07 crore EPF accounts.

The first thing to do is -
Before making changes to the EPFO ​​record, make sure that all the information is correct on your profile. You might get this message –“your base has already been verified”. “Can not edit”  in the description.
This means that you cannot make any changes in the details of the EPF. First, you have to update our AADHAR.

How to update your PF details
Update it in EPF DTL can be at two levels. An Employee ...

 How To Withdraw in Two Easy Steps

How to do online claim

Step-I: To submit an online claim, you will have to go to the EPFO ​​website at Here you will see an online claim option.
 Click here to go to sign in page of EPFO

Step-2: Clicking Online Claim Option will open link.
Here the member will have to feed his UNIVERSAL account number i.e. UAN and password. After this, the claim settlement option will be available.

How To Withdraw Your EPF Online in Five Easy Steps
Member dashboard of EPFO page

Do not submit in the company

Now you do not need to deposit the PF withdrawal form by depositing the PF withdrawal form in the company to withdraw the PF. Now you can do this work online. For this, you have to complete KYC on Unified Portal.
So you understood How To Withdraw Your EPF Online in Two Easy Steps