December 22, 2019

Best New Year Quotes and New Year wishing Images (free downloadable)

Every year on the occasion of New Year, everyone has curiosity. New year comes with new expectations, on this occasion, everyone sends greetings to their friends and relatives and wishes the best wishes for the new year 2020, this process starts from the evening of 31 December 2019 or 1st January 2020. 

Wish you all a very Happy New Year: -

“Free yourself from past memories and move forward in life, I wish you good luck and happy new year”

That this year will prove to be very good for us. You know, all your new year and new expectations, new hopes, new desire, there is a beautiful opportunity to explore new possibilities. What have we done in our last year so far and how have we been in it? We should start the new year by telling all these things. What have we done in the past year, and on this day everyone wish their friends, relatives, clients, etc.  wishes and blessings from their heart. 

"I wish that you will reach your destination this year, walk the path that you believe the strongest".

For your information, let us know that according to the Gregorian calendar and Julian calendar, the new year starts from January 1st.  The Christians of Rome dedicate this day to the deity Janus and the month of January was named after him. In addition, according to the Gregorian calendar, Jesus was also christened on New Year's Day. New Year's self-realization fills new enthusiasm in us and gives the message of living life in a new way.  Initially, New Year was celebrated in Western countries but now Happy New Year is celebrated on 1st  January all over the world. People send each other Happy New Year quotes and send the best wishes of New Year 2020.

“Happy new year, may the coming year bring you more success and joy” 

New years quotes and Inspirational images: -

“You will get 365 days so make every day count and make the most out of it”

"Now it's time to move forward, let go of the past, let's start a new journey in life with positivity." 

In India too, the Hindu New Year begins with the Pratipada of Chaitra Shukla Paksha according to the Hindi Panchang. On this day, the Vasanta Navratri also begins. The calendar of Hindu New Year is believed to be from Vikram Samvat. In the Muslim community, the new year is celebrated from the first date of Moharram. The Muslim calendar is counted according to the moon. 

“Happy new year friend and I wish that all your dreams come true and may your life is filled with happiness” 

In Malayali society, the new year is celebrated with Onam. Tamil New Year begins with Pongal. In Maharashtrian families, Pratipada of Chaitra month is considered to be the beginning of the New Year. Punjabi community celebrates their new year in Baisakhi. The new year of the Jain community is considered from the day of Deepawali. The New Year of Gujarati brothers is also celebrated with joy on the day of Pariwa, which falls on the second day of Diwali. Gujarati Panchang is also based on Vikram Samvat. 

“You will get 365 days so make every day count and make the most out of it”

“I wish you good luck with your journey and I hope the path that you choose in your life is filled with happiness, happy new year”

In this way, New Year is celebrated on different days in different communities in India, but according to the English calendar, people of all classes celebrate New Year on January 1 and wish each other happy New Year or by saying Happy New Year.

“You all are special to me and I wish that you all keep smiling together and keep sharing your love with each other, happy new year”

Friends, here we are giving you some special HAPPY NEW YEAR QUOTES  & HAPPY NEW YEAR 2020 IMAGES  which you can use or download  (free download) to wish your loved ones The Happy New Year 2020.

"Cherish the moment that you have created with them and create some beautiful memories this year."

"I hope the next year will bring more happiness to your life, wish you good luck and a happy new year."

# Wish you all a very Happy New Year: -

“You got whole year so don’t make an excuse work on your dreams and make this year yours”

Everyone is waiting very eagerly for the new year

"Spread happiness and keep smiling this new year, spend more time with people you love."

 I hope for you that this new year will prove to be very good for you compared to all the years passed. In this order, today we have brought for you a collection of some such quotes, with whom you will send the mark of possibilities to your family and friends, then they will get more happiness from your wishes…  

Below are few more New Year Wishes and Inspirational Quotes:-

“Happy new year friend and thanks for making my year so beautiful this new year let’s have some good time together” 

“To start a new and fresh journey in life you have to end the previous story in life”

“New year means you get a chance to move in the right direction, so change your direction and make this year your best, happy new year”

“Don’t let your past take control of your future, this new year let go of the painful memories and welcome the new opportunities and happiness”

“Make a promise that this year you will become the best version of yourself that everyone will be proud of, happy new year”

“Everything is in your hand, what you decide to do will decide your future so believe in yourself and make this year yours”

“You got whole year so don’t make an excuse work on your dreams and make this year yours”

“This the new year you have a chance to change yourself, it is not too late to start again, happy new year”

“I will treasure the moments that I created with all of you, let’s create some beautiful memories again this year, happy new year”

“Another year has come to an end and I’m grateful that I have such a lovely family, thanks for lifting up my spirit when I was not feeling good in life, happy new year”

“The year has come to an end but our friendship become stronger and this year we will create some amazing memories, happy new year”

 “I feel blessed, I born in such a sweet and beautiful family thanks for looking after me, happy new year to all of you”

“Happy new year and thank you for bringing so much happiness in my life, I’m grateful that you are my friend”

“Life becomes so beautiful because you all are part of my life and I wish that all of you stay happy in life, happy new year”

“I can’t imagine living without my family thanks for making my life so beautiful and I hope you all stay smiling, happy new year”

“You’re the light that clear my darkness thank you for showing me the light in life my friend, happy new year”

 “This new year spend more time with people who bring positivity and happiness and spend less time with people who bring negativity”

“I will never forget the moments that I created with you last year, let’s make this year the best together, happy new year”

“Free yourself from the chains that are holding you back, this new year spread your wings and fly towards your dream, happy new year”

“The previous year taught me a lot of lessons now I’m ready for the new challenges” 

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