April 23, 2019

How To Withdraw Your EPF Online in Two Easy Steps

Withdrawal of your EPF Online: How To Withdraw in Two Easy Steps

How To Withdraw Your EPF Online in Five Easy Steps
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If your account is linked to the UAN, which is a Universal Account Number, then you will not be able to claim offline for your Provident Fund. The Employees Provident Fund Organization (EPFO) has refused to accept the offline claims in such case. This means that if your account is linked to UAN, then you have to apply online only for PF. EPFO has decided this in view to reduce the burden of workload in the field offices.
A few days ago, in the circular issued by the EPFO, it said that companies are also depositing claims of such members in a physical form, which is linked to UAN. This increases the burden of unnecessary work in the field office and delay in settlement. In such cases, the offline claim of co Only online claims will be settled
The circular states that if a member files an online and offline claim, then in such case only his online claim settlement will be done. Companies will not accept physical claim forms and companies are advised to use the online claim service platform.

In case your name in the EPF account is incorrect, how to fix?

First of all, you should check that your name and date of birth in the PF fund exactly matches the information recorded on the EPF Database or not.
Every person working in a private company will contribute to the Employee Provident Fund (EPF). Some people do not match the information given in the name or date of birthday date (AADHAR) in the PF statement.  If this happens, you may have to face difficulties while withdrawing fund.

Recently the Central Government has said that more than 8.38 crore PF accounts have wrong birthdays of the members, In some cases father‘s name has not mentioned in 11.07 crore EPF accounts.

The first thing to do is -
Before making changes to the EPFO ​​record, make sure that all the information is correct on your profile. You might get this message –“your base has already been verified”. “Can not edit”  in the description.
This means that you cannot make any changes in the details of the EPF. First, you have to update our AADHAR.

How to update your PF details
Update it in EPF DTL can be at two levels. An Employee ...

 How To Withdraw in Two Easy Steps

How to do online claim

Step-I: To submit an online claim, you will have to go to the EPFO ​​website at http://www.epfindia.com/site_en/. Here you will see an online claim option.
 Click here to go to sign in page of EPFO

Step-2: Clicking Online Claim Option will open https://unifiedportal-mem.epfindia.gov.in/memberinterface/ https://unifiedportal-mem.epfindia.gov.in/memberinterface/ link.
Here the member will have to feed his UNIVERSAL account number i.e. UAN and password. After this, the claim settlement option will be available.

How To Withdraw Your EPF Online in Five Easy Steps
Member dashboard of EPFO page

Do not submit in the company

Now you do not need to deposit the PF withdrawal form by depositing the PF withdrawal form in the company to withdraw the PF. Now you can do this work online. For this, you have to complete KYC on Unified Portal.
So you understood How To Withdraw Your EPF Online in Two Easy Steps